“The DIOCESE Trivento joined the demonstration on Thursday, April 8, 8.30, in Campobasso with local administrators, civil authorities and citizens of Agnone to support the full preservation of the Civil Hospital St. Francis Caracciolo “Agnone.

Bishop Mgr. Domenico Angelo Scotti invited priests and lay faithful and Alto Molise area Vastese the above event and ensures that he will join the official delegation that will be received by the Heads-group Board.

The bishop of Triventino, along with the mayors of the countries involved in the problem, the authorities will meet in the Office of the Regional Committee of Via Genova, these will be given all the numerous signatures.

He wants to give, on this occasion and unequivocally, a confirmation to all the interest and the closeness of intent has always been that our Diocese of Trivento offers support for all those who strive for a clear and strong rights of citizens of the most internal, marginal and mountainous.”

Diocesan Office for Social Communications – Press Release
Trivento (CB), 6/4/2010

(Courtesy: Diocese of Trivento; original text here.)