Fr. Frank Filosi, CRM 1928-2015

January 4, 2016 —”I have fought the good fight,
I have finished my race, I have kept the faith.
Now for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge,
to me on that day “(2 Tim 4: 7).

Sustained by this certainty and confidence expressed by the Apostle of the nations, our confrere Fr. Franco Filosi the morning of 17 October the He finished his earthly day to receive the crown from the Lord promised to those who persevere in the path of good. Long tried by illness, our dear brother, even within the limits of physical mobility, continued to ride in the serene and lucid awareness his last stretch of earthly journey with faith accepting the will of God, manifested in the disease offer for Growth and the good of the Order.

Conquered by Christ, closely followed in the way of total religious consecration in the footsteps of St. Francis Caracciolo, united to him the eternal high priest, served in the good brothers, now you are open to him, “good and faithful servant”, the doors the beatific vision, hoped and believed.

Father Franco was born in Terracina in 1928; enters our seminary in Anagni in the year 1944, where she remains until 1948; After his novitiate and first profession in Anagni, he was transferred to Rome for his theological studies at the Gregorian; He emits his solemn profession in S. Angelo in Pescheria 30 November 1950; he was ordained a priest on 3 Aprile1954. He faithfully served the Order and the Church:

– Vice Parish in Rome, Guardian Angels Parish 1953-57;
– Anagni as vice parish priest, seminarians and assistant professor in
Seminary from 1957 to 1961;
– In San Gines, parish priest and Superior 1961-62;
– December 1962: meningitis or stroke (34);
– Indent Rome in early 1963 to care where he remained until 1970;
– From 1970 until his death he was a member of the community of San Cipriano carrying out his pastoral work as assistant to the above group of “Renewal in the Spirit (community ‘Cenacolo’), who worked in the parishes of San Cipriano and surrounding area, devoting much time to celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, together with the spiritual direction.

In his personal folder I found a letter from the Superior General, Fr Luigi Affoni, written to mark the 25th anniversary of priesthood of Fr. Franco, in which among other things stated: “On this happy occasion I wish to be near the prayer to thank with you the good Lord, the giver of all good things, which with a particular preference has chosen you to be his minister in dispensing the mysteries of grace and salvation for his people.

Together with gratitude to the Lord, it is only right for me rivolgerti sincere thanks because, with more generosity, with perseverance and loyalty have made a valuable service to the apostolic activity of the Order. Anagni in the parish and with our aspirants, San Gines, Rome and finally San Cipriano were the houses where you built the brothers and the faithful with your zeal, your evangelical simplicity and humility and your faith.

Today especially Saint Cyprian is a witness of your fruitful priestly ministry at the service of the Charismatic movement that, in union with Mary, Mother of the Church and our special protectress, is attracting many consoling spiritual energies for the diffusion of the Trust of God and also for the development of our Order”.

I wanted to bring an excerpt from this letter because I considered as a picture of the life of Fr Franco.
I add to these words of Father Luigi, the greeting of the community “Cenacolo” at the funeral Mass at St. Cyprian; are words that express not only love, but also the pain of the loss of a spiritual guide and father: “This follows wants to be our special greeting for you, salute you” Cenacolo “.

In recent weeks, where we had the chance to be near you, we exchanged many thoughts, we got to make memory often about who you were for us.
How to say to those who did not know you? How can you make it clear that you did not care to please people? You were so attentive only to the essentials!

And this is not at particular times, but always. Your life can be summarized perhaps in the words that you said, “more attached to Jesus”! That’s your concern, t’importava most of all that we succeed in this …
The simplicity of everyday life, your rational, silent obedience, together with your defects gruff person who had little tolerance for the noise, even the children (could we ask our children than it tollerassi), this will be missed.

We will miss your ever-present, real intercession. How many times have you prayed to the Lord for us, how many! And how many times God has heard your pure, simple request for help for us …
You taught us to pray to our God as you used to do: “Dear Jesus …” so you started. How many times have you been an instrument in His hands!

Still you have been in your latter days. I want everyone to know how, in the suffering of a body that anybody would want to leave, you were still an instrument of unity. Sister a few days ago said: “Benedict that bed p. Franco”! Because it was for us a bit ‘like a magnet attracted us.

We wanted to repay all you’ve done for us over many years. But the benefit as well as yours, it was OUR. We prayed together, you gave us, albeit with difficulty, yet so many words, little pearls of wisdom that your heart guarded because he had been directly inspired by the Spirit.
Yet you were attentive and helpful to the movements of the Holy Spirit …

You always have been, as I said before it is not easy to say exactly who you were. Please God, almost always means not to please men. You do not care to be amiable, you were what you were, impatient, often grumpy, but, if necessary, gentle with her children as only a good father knows how to be!

We have loved you, you still want it so much and we tell you now that your accompany us does not stop here. We know that you will continue to pray for us, so special, more than before. If we will be able to come to you, we know enough to ask her heart to support us with your pure, simple and direct prayer to the Father.

Now I conclude. A lot of words you did not like and we will not. But I have to tell you THANK YOU, thank you for everything! Lately you said to us when we said goodbye. Now you say it all together, even with all those people who are not physically present, but that they would have liked to be there.
Thank you because we are what we are also and above all because of you. FULL TEXT IN ITALIAN