This allows children to live and grow.

By means of long distance adoptions from our missions, you will allow poor children to smile by assuring them those things which are necessary for their growth. While the children will remain in their own environment, they will discover that in the world there are not only those who wage war, but there are persons who dedicate themselves to the task of sowing seeds of goodness and love. An adopted child will be happy to find someone, like you, who will love him from afar, keep his picture and cherish the story of his life.

The missionaries are the means of this bond of love; they will send each year a photograph of the child with essential information regarding his health and education.

Full Adoption Program: One Dollar a day (which may be given periodically or annually) will assure a child everything which is necessary for his growth (food, clothing, education, medical care, training work).

Scholastic Adoptions: One Hundred Dollars a year assures a child the tuition (since education is not financed by the government) of everything that is necessary for his studies for an entire year.