To Support the Adorno Fathers Mission

An offering to support the work of the Adorno Fathers Missionaries and all the needs of our missions ($35.00 per month).
Adoption of a child for one year ($365 per year).
Tuition for a child for one year ($75.00).
Recovery of a malnourished child ($75.00 a month for three months).
Nourishment for a host child of our Nutritional Center ($25.00 a month).
Complete tuition for the support of a seminarian ($775 per year).
An offering towards the tuition fund of a seminarian.
Perpetual Masses for the living and deceased, celebrated by our missionaries
Name and last name of those inscribed in our Daily Perpetual Mass.
Daily Mass Intentions.

To send donations for the Adorno Fathers Missions please download and print this form, fill out and mail to:

Adorno Fathers
575 Darlington Ave.
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 USA
Tel. (207) 327- 7375;
Fax (201) 934- 5826
Saint Joseph Church
40 Spring Street
Lodi, New Jersey 07644
Tel. (973) 779-0643; Fax (973) 471- 1442
Immaculate Conception Church
510 Saint James Avenue
Goose Creek, South Carolina 29445
Tel. (483) 572- 1270