The Order carries this mission and witness together as a community especially with the poor where we are present. We humbly try to live out today the miracles of faith, hope and charity inherited from our holy founders.

Today, the Clerics Regular Minor (Adorno Fathers), in addition to the proclamation of the Gospel and witnessing, are engaged in carrying humanitarian works as the source of hope and encouragement of the people we serve. The process and development and liberation of people afflicted by dire socio-economic conditions and dramatic survival lies in the hope of future Glory in our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Germany and the United States of America, we serve in the parishes, where we share our Charism and Spirituality with the people of God as well as the Italian, Filipinos and Mexican and Brazilian immigrants.

Our missions in Africa (Congo and Kenya), India and the Philippines is where our pastoral demands in the field of social works: adoptions, hospital, clinics, schools, aqueducts, feeding center, building community and churches.

In Italy, where our Order was born, we are involve pastoral activities of the parishes we serve as well as welcoming and supporting the recovery addicts and ex-convicts.

We are a small community with only less that one hundred priests and professed brothers but with God’s grace, inspiration of the Jesus Christ and the Charism of the Holy Spirit, we strive to be efficient and faithful in staying to our task and mission as religious.