1. Pre-Novitiate Formation 

Those who ask to enter in our Order, after the necessary vocation discernment, will be received in our houses of formation. The time the pre-novitiate in our tradition and in our Constitutions is divided in two phases.

  1. In the first phase (aspirancy) we must underline particularly the human and Christian formation of the candidates so that they will be helped to recognize their vocation and respond to it whatever be the will of God for them
  2. In the second phase (postulancy) the candidates will be helped to cultivate their baptismal grace, to discern more clearly and with greater certainty their vocation and to attain the virtues and develop the attitudes to follow the call of the Lord in our Order; in this phase care must be taken that the candidates be formed in a deeper way to the religious and charismatic dimensions in our Order.

2. The Novitiate Formation

A one year novitiate is the second period of formation in our Order. It is a period of grace and trial, during which the novices deepen more clearly their knowledge of their vocation in our Order, and experience its style of life. In the novitiate, the vows, the Constitutions, the spirituality, the purpose and the history of the Adorno Fathers and brothers are well treated, so that the novices may know and live our Charism, which should be the soul of their religious life.

Upon completion of the novitiate, the candidate professes the religious vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and not seeking after ecclesiastical honors. This simple or first profession lasts three years. During this time, the professed religious deepens his spiritual life in the Order and also become involved in some apostolate in our parishes. The first profession of vows can be renewed for a longer period of time.

Solemn Profession is the highest and most complete expression of consecration to God in the service of the Church, and of full aggregation in our religious family. It is the sign of the spousal love that indissolubly unites Christ to the Church, his spouse.