Any vocation, whether it be marriage, single blessedness or the priesthood and religious life is a gift from God.

One’s vocation is ultimately rooted in the universal baptismal call to holiness. Holiness is linked to the imitation of Christ in our lives. We try to follow Christ in thought, in word and in deed.

A vocation to the Adorno Fathers and Brothers is a particular call of God to place one’s life at the service of the Church, according to the Charism of our Founders.

Becoming a part of our community affords men the opportunity to serve God through parish work, missionary activities, retreat work and teaching.

As a family, we strive to share with one another the joys and sorrows of everyday life. Our Order is open to those who are called by God to embrace the religious life. As religious, the candidate may pursue the life of a priest, brother or permanent deacon.