These friends and many others from Ramsey, Oakland, Mahwah, Wanaque, Paramus, New Milford, Hasbrouck Heights, Lodi, Garfield, Paterson, Lynhurst, East Paterson and Fairlawn, all from the state of New Jersey joined forces in 1969 and under the able leadership of Anne and Richard Jordan ran a successful Country Fair that has become a well known annual event in Ramsey Vicinity.

We recall in this first Fair a large donation of new imported coats, received through the kindness and connections of Bill and Carolyn Kreuzer, which attracted so many people and established the Fair for the future. At the same time, another project was taking shape, the Country Thrift Shop, run from an old building where the Adorno Center is now located. Under the leadership of Addie Priess, the salesmanhip of Mary Siricchi and the resourcefulness of Richard Brier, the shop remained open, interesting and financially rewarding.

At some point, many of these friends, realizing how much they could accomplish when working together, decided to organize themselves. Thus, in the year 1970, F.O.T.A (Friends Of The Adornos) was established as the official fund-raising organization of the Adornos. The first president was Anne Jordan from Alida Place in Ramsey, New Jersey.

Through her leadership and the other presidents who followed F.O.T.A. was soon responsible for many fund raising activities which were instrumental in the physical changes that took place on the grounds and the buildings. Their activities soon included not only the Country Fair and the Thrift Shop, but the Mardi Gras, the Fasion Show, the Trips, the Spring Fair, Breakfast with Santa, Picnic etc.