Our Coat of Arms shows the Risen Christ in a baroque setting reminiscent of the period-the 16th century when the Order came into existence. It was Sunday after Easter, April 9, 1589 when the founders St. Francis Caracciolo, Augustine Adorno and Fabrizio Caracciolo consecrated themselves to the Lord with the profession of vows and pledged that their life would fully dedicated for the greater glory of the Risen Christ.

Our Motto: The letters A.M.R.G. stands for Ad Majorem Resurgentis GloriamFor the Greater Glory of the Risen Christ, in whose honor and glory the Order is dedicated.

C.R.M. (Clerics Regular Minor) The Clerics Regular was a general name for all the religious Orders which followed the Council of Trent. Regular stands for a rule of common life that we follow. The word Minor was given to the Order by Pope Sixtus V, who himself was a Friar Minor, and may have wanted it for personal reasons but it was readily agreed to by our Founders in view of the great emphasis they placed on humility.