Behold the Deacon, Servant of God and Mankind,
Ordained Disciple, Commissioned and Anointed.
Receive the book of the Gospel.
Behold and proclaim God who is true love.
You are indeed a deacon, dedicated to God and mankind,
May you always be true to your service, deacon of God.

On the festive day of the Blessed Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 2017, the Order of Clerics Regular Minor and the local Church of Charleston, with great joy and thanksgiving, welcomed Br. Kevin Daborbor, CRM and Br. Rufino Madridejos, CRM as newly ordained transitional deacons of Holy Mother the Church.

In the presence of the Superior General of the Adorno Fathers, Rev. Fr. Raffaelle Mandolesi, CRM, the Superior of the US-Philippine delegation, Rev. Fr. Teodoro Kalaw, CRM and through the imposition of hands by Most Reverend Robert Guglielmone, D.D., received the sacrament of holy orders. As deacons of the Church, they are reminded by the Bishop of the prominent role they possess, and they hold in the Church: that is no other than the Proclamation of the Word of God and their commitment of service to the Religious Order and the people of God, the Church.

On the evening of that day, more than three hundred people flocked the Church as they go with delight to witness this solemn event: the very first ordination in Saint Anne Catholic Church, Sumter, South Carolina. Those who were not able to occupy the Main Church went to the Parish hall to see the live coverage and join the blissful ceremony, including their families, back in their hometown, the Philippines. During the ceremony, the people of God prayed for them as they prostrate themselves and implore the intercession of the holy men and women in heaven. By the imposition of the Bishop’s hands, the investiture of the stole and the dalmatic, and the presentation of the book of the Gospels, they were formally ordained deacons. After the Eucharistic Celebration, all gathered in the Sumter Civic Center for the reception.

As they move one step closer to Sacerdotal Ordination, they are reminded of the value and dignity of being servants and helpers, which they will always be, even though they are ordain priests of the Church. As deacons and as helpers, they are called to be invisible, by serving God and his people without counting the cost, and by laboring without asking for any reward, knowing that they are only doing and heeding the will of God in their life. Through their wholehearted service and generosity, as deacons they need to configure and transform themselves in the image of Jesus Christ and through it, touch people’s lives through their words and actions. Like Mary in the Gospel, who shared the joy of bearing the Son of God to her relative Elizabeth, as deacons they are called to proclaim this same joy by their preaching of God’s words.

Behold, the Servant of God! Let us pray for our newly ordained that they may continue to answer God’s call in their lives. Like Mary, the Lady of Guadalupe, they may totally surrender themselves to God’s will and that by God’s perfect time, they will be ordained to the Order of Priesthood who is Christ’s presence here on earth. Ad Maiorem Resurgentis Gloriam!