A Biography of Father Dismas Bahati Rwitare, CRM

Rev. Dismas Bahati Rwitare was born in the village of Nyaruhange in 1983 in the Parish of Saint Francis Caracciolo in Binja, Nyamilima in the Diocese of Goma, the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. He started his Primary school in Nyaruhange village in 1991 at a School named KASE. In 1996 he went to Saint Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Ishasha city and obtained his Diploma in the year 2003. After a year, in 2004, he was admitted to his first year Propedeutic in Nyamilima Parish, and his second year Propedeutic in Saint Joseph Major Seminary in Goma after which he started Philosophy in 2006 and obtained the Diploma in Philosophy in 2009. In August the14th of the same year he was sent to Nairobi for Noviciate and did his first Simple Profession in Goma on the 18th of July 2010. After his Simple Profession, he went back to Nairobi for Theology and obtained the Bachelor Degree in Sacred Theology at Tangaza College in 2014. During the same year, he was sent in Saint Joseph Major Seminary of Philosophy for pastoral experience to help in formation and the construction of Virunga House in Goma.

After one year of pastoral experience in Saint Joseph Major Seminary of Philosophy in Goma, he was admitted to the Solemn Profession on the 20th of January 2015 followed by the Diaconate on the 25th of January of the same year. After his Diaconate Ordination, he was again sent for Pastoral experience as Deacon at Saint Francis Caracciolo Parish in Nyamilima. During this Pastoral year, he helped in Youth Ministry as Vice Dean of the youth and in academic formation of the young in fist year Propedeutic and towards the end of the same year he was assigned as the Dean of the Association for Development namely ASMABI (Association Maendeleo Binja) supervised by the Adorno Fathers. After his Pastoral experience as Deacon, he was ordained to priesthood in Goma on the 1st of November 2015 in the hands of Most. Reverend Théophile Kaboy, Bishop of Goma. As priest, he was assigned in the Noviciate of Goma as one of the formators guiding and inspiring the novices.  

In January 27, 2017 Father Dismas arrived in the United States and currently joined the Adorno Fathers Community in Sumter, the Parish of Saint Anne and Saint Jude in the Diocese of Charleston in South Carolina.