January 31, 2017— Since they arrived in July of 2016 in the United States, these four Adorno seminarians have been busy in their pastoral year. They learn to balance their life between the community, prayer life, pastoral and studies.

As part of the US-Philippine delegation, most of the Adorno apostolate are in parishes we serve in two states; New Jersey and South Carolina.

Lectorate Installation (Standing far back from left) Fr. Ted, Fr. Nick, Fr. Nony. (Standing from left): Fr. Jun, Br. Arjay, Br. Rafael, Bp. Flesey, Br. Emil, Br. Ronnie, Br. John Bert, Br. Eric, Fr. Hector. (Front kneeling) Br. Rufino, Br. Kevin

After six months of enculturation and American Christianity classes at Seton Hall University in Newark NJ, they embark on an in-depth pastoral year in the parishes we serve in South Carolina.

Brothers Arjay Cecilio and Emilliano Gutiérrez are assigned to work with the Spanish community and other parish works at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Goose Creek SC. Brother Michael Innovero is assigned to do pastoral works at the Parish of Jesus Our Risen Savior in Spartanburg. While Brother Eric Estrella is assigned in Sumter at Sts. Anne and Jude Parish. They get to experience different aspects of pastoral life in a parish setting.

Below is the parish pastoral program for our Adorno Seminarians.

Adorno Fathers Parish Ministry Immersion Program

The parish setting is a total experience of the actual mission of the Church that enables future priests become aware of the various and diverse cultures, social issues, pastoral care, and the need to balance life between the ministry and community.

This program hopes to help future workers in God’s vineyard in becoming effective and collaborative leader by working in the shared responsibility and cooperative effort that builds up the parish community.

Work Areas

  • a. Working with the Outreach Program of the Parish- the parish has a great outreach program that serves the poor, marginalized groups, and needy people.
  • b. Immerse in Spanish ministry – to be familiar with their culture, language and piety.
  • c. Catechetical Ministry – immerse with diverse age groups in the parish that includes teaching the faith, RCIA, sacramental program, youth catechesis, adult education and other faith teaching opportunities.
  • d. Hospital, shut ins and homebound visits- as part of pastoral immersion, pastoral care of the sick, shut ins and homebound is a rich area of gaining experience and love for the most vulnerable.
  • e. Liturgical Preparations – participate in various ministerial role such as lector, acolyte and serving in the Holy Mass. Experience being a master of ceremonies who collaborate with various liturgical ministers in preparation for Sunday, daily masses and prayers.
  • f. Theological Reflections – students in this extensive program should dedicate time to make a theological reflection based on ones’ day to day ministry.

Daily Pastoral Schedule:

Sick, shut ins, homebound visit- 2-3 times a week.
Monday- Day Off
Tuesday- Young Adult Ministry
Wednesday- Religious Education/Youth Ministry
Thursday- St. Vincent the Paul Society/outreach
Friday- Home Schoolers/ Youth Ministry Spanish
Saturday- Assist in baptism/ Wedding/ Quenceñera/ Funeral
Sunday- Liturgical preparations, alter serving / theological reflections