Fr. Ed Enverga, CRM

December 15, 2015 —August 1, 2015 was the official date of our new assignment. Jesus Our Risen Savior Parish is blessed with three Priests, myself, the new pastor, Fr. Binil Attapattu, CRM and Fr. Gio Nunez, CRM, the parochial vicars.

Adorno priests are known for their unity in community life. Getting acclimated with each other is not a problem since all Adorno priests and brothers follow the same Rule of life. We enjoy our diversity and compliment our unity in the love for our religious identity.

I find this new assignment a blessing and a great opportunity to serve the people of God. As the pastor, I try to lead the people as a shepherd leads his flock to good pasture. That is the imagery that captures a pastor’s ministry. The totality of Christ’s teachings of faith, hope and love are the guiding torches for an effective pastor. Aside from parish administration and sacraments, I find the celebration of the Holy Eucharist as an encompassing prominence in bringing all people to love and worship God.

For Fr. Binil, JORS is his first assignment since coming to the US less than a year ago. He has been to a parish in India before but an American parish is different in many ways. It is a challenge to completely immerse from a different demographic background to new culture, language and practices.

Fr. Gio has been to JORS before as a professed brother and had the privilege to be ordained to the Diaconate in 2010 in this parish. After his ordination he was assigned to the seminary in New Jersey and to the Philippines in the course of four years. JORS is his first parish assignment since ordained a priest.

Diverse community

The community of JORS is composed of diverse Hispanic and American Catholics. There is a separate Spanish mass twice a week and a Hispanic youth group. There is also an influx of immigrants from India who come to mass. For this reason, as the pastor, I suggested to have a first Syro-Malabar Mass on December 19, 2015 to be presided by Fr. Binil. As for the regular masses, I sometimes say the Spanish Mass.

Fr. Gio works with both Hispanic and English youth group and just recently started the young adult ministry in the parish. He is also the chaplain of college campuses around Spartanburg. Fr. Binil oversees the Religious Education program and hopes to pursue regular Syro-Malabar mass schedule.

Above all, the Church’s doors are open for all as it has always been. The church is all inclusive, all embracing. That is what God wants for His Church; one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

Growing community

JORS is a growing community. In our CCD program this year we have more than five hundred children. With this in mind, more classrooms and other facilities are taken into consideration to accommodate these needs.

Breeding great vocations in the Church

With all these great changes and challenges, one can only say that the parish is a fertile soil for saints and great vocations in the Church. Currently, there are two vocations to priesthood and religious life that are homegrown. One is studying for the Diocese of Charleston and one for the Adorno Fathers. There are some who are contemplating to be religious, some are considering holy matrimony while others are discerning singles. It is a great Catholic community that seeks to deepen its love for God in finding the right vocation in the Church.

Looking forward to a brighter future

The future of JORS family lies in the hand of God. As the pastor together with my vicars and the people we serve breathe and live with the abundant grace of God under the Diocese of Charleston and the Universal Church. As the Psalm 133:1 tells us; “How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together as one!” We remain united in love and devotion with one purpose, to always be faithful to God while working tirelessly in His vineyard.