On June 7, 2009, the Caritas Chamber Chorale performed in front of the parishioners of Saint Joseph Parish in Lodi New Jersey. It was one of their three performances in their concert series as they celebrate their 5 year anniversary as a group. This year, they captured the hearts of everybody who was present at the concert to fall in love again with Sacred Music and with the Lord.

It was a night of prayer and contemplation as the theme of the concert says, “And Their Sorrows Shall Cease,” their performance that night was full of spirit and lively hope. The soothing sound of their voices and the captivating lyrics of sacred songs reminded us that God is always present in our midst. One of the many ways to encounter God’s presence is to listen to Sacred Songs which bring us not only hope to live our lives but an assurance of life singing and praising God with His angels forever.

The Caritas Chamber Chorale group certainly sings with an angelic voice that touches the hearts of many. They are not only praising God with their voices but with their good intentions because they are singing for a good cause. They continue to support the Adorno Father’s Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They did not only touch our hearts with their voices but also their generosity and service to the Church through helping our Mission.

Please visit www.caritaschamberchorale.org to know more about the Caritas Chamber Chorale.

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