What is our natural reaction to seeing someone suffer? Generally, we feel pain and sadness. We do not appreciate the sight of a suffering person. The laws of spiritual love order that we wish to see our loved ones happy, our family, friends, and we are greatly saddened when they are in pain, in mourning and in agony. We grieve and sometimes we get angry when they suffer and we wish that we could take on their burden of pain.

     We smile when we remember our happy moments with them like the term “Bonding” and we shed tears when we think about their pain and suffering. Yet in this day, especially this “Lenten Season” the movie “the passion of Christ” is a movie centered on the torture and brutality inflicted on the compassionate and loving Jesus Christ. It is remarkable and direct in visually presenting step by step all the gruesome and painful acts He experienced before death.

     As a follower of Jesus Christ, will my heart stand seeing such suffering? If my brother is murdered by criminals, will I want to see how he was brutally killed? Certainly not. The vision of suffering and pain of a loved is very difficult to accept. Does Jesus Christ want us to remember Him this way? The laws of spiritual love are simple and clear; A father for example, does not want his son to see his bleeding wounds and meditate on them. A loving father wants his son to remember his teaching and live by them.

     Jesus Christ does not want us to focus only on his suffering. Instead, he wants us to meditate on his words and teachings. This is a real glorification and praise of Jesus Christ and the supreme Lord.