Last week our community was honored to be visited by Fr. Charles DeAngelis. Fr. Charles, who is now serving in Naples, was one of the first students of our House of Formation. While with us, Father shared, not only delicious Italian pastries, but also many stories of his experiences here. Below we reprint an article from our newsletter, Adorno Fathers’ Missions, telling of Fr. Charles’ ministries and apostolates in Naples.

Fr . C h a r l e s : I n t h e S e r v i c e o f t h e R i s e n C h r i s t

From the beginning, the founders of the Clerics Regular Minor have always desired to instill in their followers a love for Christ’s presence, not only in the Eucharist, but in His presence in the poor and needy as well. Francis, Augustine and Fabrizio themselves set an exemplary example as they aided the poor, fed the hungry and visited prisoners. They realized the importance of both the contemplative and active ministries and adored and served Christ at the altar and on the streets.
This spirit of adoration and service has not weakened in the community of the Adorno Fathers, and this may be proven in the example of Fr. Charles DeAngelis, CRM. Fr. Charles, a priest for more than 30 years has served the people of Secondigliano, Naples, where there has been an upsurge in crime and drug use, due to a lack of employment. “We are frontier priests. I began a community here so that we can stand in for the many
institutions that are lacking,” says Fr. Charles. Many of the people of the area know him as a generous kindhearted man who has given of himself completely for their sake, just as Christ Himself did. “My role model remains Jesus, the Good Samaritan, the one who heals, cures and reaches out to the people; He too was a social worker.”
Among the many projects Fr. Charles has begun are included “The Source,” a rehabilitation center for those addicted to drugs. Here men are given another chance at life as they work on overcoming their addictions. There is also a church and social center being built dedicated to St. Francis Caracciolo, whom Fr. Charles has taken as a guide as he continues to serve and spend himself whole heartedly for the people. “Though at times it is tough, it is truly a beautiful work,” he says.
Daily we pray in honor of St. Francis, our founder who was “an apostle to the poor the sick and the sinners,” that we “spare no effort to work for the salvation of our brothers and sisters always for the greater glory of the Risen Christ.” May this also be the prayer of every Christian, so that we may set the whole world on fire wtih zeal for the building of God’s kingdom here on earth.